Art History in the Age of Buzzfeed and Upworthy

Take some famous works of Western art, add some clickbait headlines, and see what you get…

She Looks Like a Nice, Quiet Girl. Until You Realize She’s Staring at You.

File:Mona Lisa, by Leonardo da Vinci, from C2RMF retouched.jpg

They Pledged to Fight in Defense of Their City. They Could Never Have Guessed What Happened Next.

File:Jacques-Louis David - Oath of the Horatii - Google Art Project.jpg

It Looks Like a Bunch of Random Geometry. Wait Until You Hear What it Really Means.

File:Mondrian Broadway Boogie Woogie.jpg

WARNING: Once You See This Painting, You’ll Never See the Night Sky the Same Way Again.

File:Van Gogh - Starry Night - Google Art Project.jpg

He Led an Army of Tired, Injured Volunteers Across the River. What Happened Next Will Amaze You.

File:Washington Crossing the Delaware by Emanuel Leutze, MMA-NYC, 1851.jpg

He Thought He Heard an Infinite Scream. You’ll Never Believe His Response.

File:The Scream.jpg

Don’t Think That a Shell is Still Fashionable Summer Wear? Check Out How This Goddess Rocks It.

Sandro Botticelli - La nascita di Venere - Google Art Project - edited.jpg

She Just Wanted to Try on a New Piece of Jewelry. So Why Won’t This Artist Leave Her Alone?

Johannes Vermeer (1632-1675) - The Girl With The Pearl Earring (1665).jpg

One Painting That Sums Up What Politicians Across the World Will Never Understand.


Proof That All You Need to Make a Connection is to Reach Out and Touch Someone.

File:Creación de Adám.jpg

If You Think This Boy is Doomed, Just Wait to See How This Story Ends.



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